Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which enables software applications to solves problems that are unstructured in nature. Built on algorithms which can receive input data and use statistical analysis, machine learning solutions allows systems to access data and adapt through experience. This new breed of software automates machine learning predictive analytics model building and is often categorized as both supervised and unsupervised. Deep learning is a sub division of machine learning solutions with algorithms that mimic the functions of the brain and essentially how it works. It is based on the neural network technique and configuration which involves the number of layers, layer size, biases, activation functions, connectivity and learning algorithm which further branch into various models.

How does machine learning work

Machine learning is powered by algorithmic models that are trained to recognize patterns in collected data (such as logs, speech, text, or images). Because access to lots of training data and computing power are preconditions for success, the cloud (where data storage and high-performance computation are plentiful and can be particularly cost-efficient) is an ideal platform for machine learning.

Build Intelligent Solutions with Machine Learning and AI

Over the last few years, businesses have been disrupted in many ways, thanks to machine intelligent systems. We are living in a cognitive era where systems can see, listen, respond, and learn from every interaction we make, and redefine the existing benchmarks in the digital space with the next wave of digital transformation solutions. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning offerings help organizations build highly-customized solutions running on advanced machine learning algorithms. We also help companies integrate these algorithms with image & video analytics, as well as with emerging technologies such as augmented reality & virtual reality to deliver utmost customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge over others.