IT Staffing is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor provides skilled staff to the client and helps the client in achieving business objectives. IT Staffing is an efficient way to get highly qualified and specialized Personnel at a substantially low cost. Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized IT Staffing models with the objective of meeting specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. And our people, with all their differences, value the same thing: hard work, and a great attitude. Whether you’re looking for a project that suits your skills, great IT Staffing for your business, or a place in our company, Sdivas will make sure you find it.

Our Staff Augmentation Services & Solutions

We are a trusted staff augmentation company in India empowered with the right talent and right resources. Our staffing services help clients in seamlessly executing large-scale IT projects and other technology initiatives.

Screening and Recruitment

Finding a skilled Temporary or Permanent worker that's right for your company takes effective screening and exceptional recruitment. Over the years, we've refined and enhanced our recruitment process and are able to handle all of our employer needs at a fraction of the cost that they would pay to do it themselves. If you are that next star employee, contact us and start your search today.